Mark Teixeira’s Second Home is in Dallas. I Mean, Vaquero

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Teixeira must really love him some real estate. Here’s his “second” house in toney Vaquero, Texas about 25 minutes west of Dallas. Word is, it’s on the market when he’s off playing ball, off the market when he’s home. Asking last: $4,550,000 for the 8554 square foot home. Vaquero is where, of course, the Jonas brothers live, where Kevin Jonas is selling his starter home, and where many other movers and shakers are moving these days because it is so very private and chi chi. (The rich are not getting poorer, they are just hiding their wealth more. We are going to be showing you how and where right here on SecondShelters.)

You know Vaquero – Tom Fazio par 71 course, it’s home to Ben Crane, K.J. Choi, Todd Hamilton, and even Tiger Wood’s ex- golf instructor Hank Haney. But oh when it comes to baseball celebs, this place rocks. Vernon Wells, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays is building a 15,000 -plus square foot home right next door to Teixeira’s. (Posting that spread, next.) The CEO of Exxon-Mobile is building what looks like another DFW airport hangar. I’m dying to get inside Vanessa Swarovski, heir to the famous crystal family’s, Vaquero pad. Talk about sparkle!

And of course, this is where Chuck Greenburg decided to make his home sweet Texas home when he bought the Rangers, but we suspect he still has a crash pad in Pittsburgh.

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