Where Is The Safest Place to Live in North Texas?

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No matter where you live, no matter how gated or remote, you have to worry about crime. I am just back from a weekend trip to the Texas Hill Country where we have some pretty acreage. I heard the most amazing story of a home burglary in our very own The Preserve at Walnut Springs. This is a 2000-plus acre gated ranch — Ken Starr owns there, though I hear he’s selling, and former Dallas Mayor Steve Bartlett is about to begin a home. I’m talking the BOONIES. Good news: though the police had to chase the bad guys down a county road running tires over cattle grates, dodging deer and Longhorn, they nabbed ’em and the duo are sitting in the Johnson City jail. High-tech job: the burglars used walkie-talkies to communicate. The homeowner’s television, unfortunately, got trashed. If this had happened in the city of Dallas, the police would just be coming over to take a report, rolling their eyes. But I still feel super safe at The Preserve — it’s the snakes and scorpions that scare me. I feel pretty safe in North Dallas. Should I? Where do you feel the most safe?