How To Save Money for a Home Down Payment: Eat Squirrel, Not Turkey

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Thanksgiving is over and for most of us, those turkeys from last Thursday are going to make excellent sandwiches for a few days. But the inspiration for this post truly came from an article I came across on the BBC: is squirrel the perfect austerity food? I mean, we are trying to make ends meat meet (pardon my pun) in the U.S., and this story points out that squirrel is really a very American food. In fact, it could even be more red-blooded American than turkey?

So why don’t we eat squirrel for Thanksgiving? My husband tells me that in New York, some free-range turkeys were ringing up at $15 per pound! Who needs to pay that kind of money when you can trap a grey squirrel right in your own back yard! Cost: $00.

Eat squirrel, and watch those down payment pennies add up for your primary shelter or a second home.

Besides, there is no better way to get rid of a rodent/pest than to simply consume it.