Ranching News: Wives, Girlfriends, and Daughters of Ranchers — Hollywood Calling On Line One

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A well-known LA production house will be in town very soon seeking Dallas-area women who “ranch” for a pilot on “beautiful, glamorous  Dallas women who have a ranch connection,” says the darling L.A.-living Janelle Randazza, who is casting for the show. She won’t tell me who the producer is, but  I hear they are the same folks responsible for Bethany Getting Married, Super Nanny, Football Wives and Real Housewives of NYC. The pay is about $500.

Here’s what Janelle says she wants — I’m totally thinking Sue Ellen Ewing:

“Wives or girlfriends of ranchers, or we’ll take daughters of ranchers… girls who can show their boyfriends how to ride, clean out a stall, and do it all while wearing their diamonds and turquoise.”

And their Luccheses.

In other words, pretty and glam, but tough as nails. I’ll bet they wouldn’t mind a cute little gal who could tote a rifle and snuff out a rattler without risking one gel-wrapped fingernail.

Oh. There is this age thing. Janelle wants gals under 40, over 21. Unfortunately, that removes some of us from the call. Interested? Email Janelle at  randazzacasting@gmail.com