More On NBC-Series “Chase” Being Filmed in My Backyard

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I found out whose house is being used in Thursday’s filming of “Chase” — our neighbors Lee Kleinman and Lisa Umholtz, great people.  Oh, and Buddy, too — who happens to be a darling Labradoodle and frequent suitor of our Bree. The home is a gorgeous contemporary and the producers apparently think it looks like a Houston home, since that’s where the scene is supposed to be taking place. Also heard that the producers discovered our little nook of a ‘hood, Hillcrest Estates, and love it. Which means, I guess, that we can look forward to more production trucks… and house cash-ola… in the future.  My East Dallas friend who was paid $25,000 by the producers of “The Good Guys” this summer would love for them to come back. But that show, unfortunately, was canceled along with Lone Star, which was shot at Saint Anne Place, among other locations. A source tells me that the writing is likely on the wall for Chase, too, but at least our neighbors are making hay while the sun shines, though I hear no one pays as well as The Good Guys.

But I’m told that Fox loves shooting in Dallas and will be back here filming more shows. Which gives me a scathingly brilliant idea…

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