Enough About Troy: Let’s Talk Tiger Woods’ Private Playground Real Estate

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Troy and Rhonda Aikman are, I guess, Dallas’s version of Tiger and Elin Woods, give or take some drama and a little less real estate.  Which totally reminds me that I have this exclusive shot of Tiger’s newly constructed backyard Olympics playground on Jupiter Island. You will not believe this place. Jupiter Island, I’m told, simply has to be seen to be believed. (I’m trying to get out there.) But here’s the inside scoop on this $50 million dollar prime Florida play land just completed by Tiger:

Besides his own personal golf course, Tiger’s outdoor exercise and training facility has a monster 100-foot length swimming pool, a separate 60-foot diving pool, and of course, the spa. The separate swimming pools alone run an unheard of 160 feet, or the entire width of the house. There is also a full tennis/basketball court plus training track facility on the Aqua Complex. Now this doesn’t even include the inside workout facilities, which are state of the art.

Tiger was also very concerned about privacy, apparently. Most large Jupiter Island estate homes have waterfall resort-style stone pools with lots of free form space for lounge chairs and entertaining, all to see and be seen. And these luxury pools are built with the Intracoastal or Atlantic Ocean view right behind them — waving to the yachts that pass by a fun past time. But Tiger’s deck is built with practically no space to lay out or entertain. (Concerns over skin cancer, perhaps?)  The view is of his own golf course with the Intracoastal practically a mile away. Tall trees block the course from view. The backyard was clearly built for professional training and Tiger didn’t waste any space.

And locals tell me that Tiger keeps pretty much to himself, mostly in his home. He has never been seen anywhere, not in the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens , not in any restaurants golf courses or even at the Bears Club .  Guess he’s just working on his game there is paradise 24/7. Oh if this photo is too small, click here for a bigger one.