HGTV Coming to Texas!

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You guys, get the popcorn ready: HGTV is coming to town to erase our city forever of bad design!

First, it’s Real Estate Intervention. Cora Sue Anthony is coming home to her native Texas — she was born in South Dallas during Christmas — to get Dallas properties in ship-shape and show the world how she did it. The show is called Real Estate Intervention. Cora Sue is now a resident of San Fran.

“Paying for a staging will always cost you much less than your first price reduction,” says Anthony, the new host of HGTV’s revamped Real Estate Intervention. It’s not exactly an ‘I told you so!’ coming from the sugar-voiced real estate expert, it’s more of a mother-knows-best line. After all, says Anthony, “I got a TV show, didn’t I?”

And some other HGTV folks are circling our ‘hood, so stay tuned!