Second Homes Real Estate Update: Mid Century Trailer Had Texas Touch: Brown Armadillos!

Update: My friend Samantha tells me more about her grandparents’ amazing Kingston, NY home:

“The kitchen is a box off of that living room they showed (below). It has the ugliest wallpaper ever (brown armadillos – I think) with very outdated cabinets. The washer and dryer are in the kitchen as well. I am positive that the new owners had to put in new appliances as well – especially the stove (my grandmother had dementia late in life and burned the crap out of the stove and burners). The bedrooms overlook the back yard. All have big windows and the same outdated cabinets. It does appear that the boys (as my mother calls them) did update the patio – which is very nice. There are two bathrooms – one green that has a shower stall and linen closet and the other brown that had the bathtub.”

“Not sure what my grandparents paid to have the house built, but I think the new owners probably got it for $350K,  but I’m not sure.

It was super unique for it’s time and for the area they live in. I never heard it called the Jetson’s house nor the trailer in the sky. My sister and I are convinced that when the new owners speak of people slowing down to look – they are referring to us being looky loos!”