A Cure for Depression: Cinnamon Shore, Texas Gulf Coast Real Estate

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I feel like some House Porn Candy (I’m trying to go on a diet and stick with Candy instead of Porn) and when I saw this home at gorgeous Cinnamon Shore last weekend, I seriously said — I’m selling everything and moving in. Squatters rights, whatever. What is it about being at the beach that just calms, soothes, and makes you feel like nothing in the world at all matters but those gorgeous blue(ish) waves and sea froth? Cinnamon Shore is a gorgeous development about five miles of Port Aranas that captured my heart. If you’ve ever been to or seen Seaside, Florida, you will see that Cinnamon Shore is almost a clone. And there is nothing wrong with cloning something that works. Seaside was a planned beachfront community that is one of the biggest success stories in the U.S.

But this house!

This is a beautiful 4,000 square foot home with five bedrooms, a bunk room, five and a half baths and two master suites — so two couples could share ownership and even be there at the same time. The interiors are spectacular and made me fall in love with a Mustang Island designer interior named Susan Castor whose work puts the real Seaside interiors to shame. There is shiplap siding, tongue and groove all whitewashed or painted white; white oak plank hardwood floors; what they call “morning kitchens” and I call “beverage bars” in both masters — maybe that’s a phrase the Baptists prefer! There is an elevator and two laundry rooms, and scads of outdoor porches to catch the Gulf sea breeze where folks never shut the windows so they can hear the surf. And hear the surf you will from this property because it overlooks the dunes with a view full of the beach from every single room. Really, $2.2 million for a giant, brand spanking new beachfront house?

Who needs Prozac? All you need is a house at the beach!