Want a Second Home? Ron Paul Selling His Lake Jackson, TX Home — FSBOFB

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Ron Paul, the feisty Ob/Gyn (aren’t they all?) who represents the 14th Congressional District of Texas, and who may be making a run for a bigger house in D.C. called The White House, is selling his home in Lake Jackson, and doing it apparently without a realtor. Embracing social media, he’s listed his home on his Facebook page at $325,000 for the 5,500-square-foot number with pool that features 4-bedrooms, 5-baths that has housed his family for 42 years. (Bet that mortgage is long paid off.) The home has an office with built-in book shelves, a formal dining room, a family room, living room and a craft room. Of course it has a swimming pool and slide, which I’m rather shocked the see in a physician’s back yard: liability city. The home is pretty close to the Gulf and a 50-minute drive to Houston.

Stay tuned. I’m trying to get more deets. FSBOFB means for sale by owner, Facebook.