Dallas Real Estate Tax Inequities: Lake Highlands Appraisals All Over the Place

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A reader writes and the Tax Doc will respond! By the way, if you have NOT received your appraisal in the mail, that means your taxes are unchanged from last year. But you can still go down and try to lower your appraised values. In fact, the Tax Doctor advises it.

Hi Candy,

We are somewhat new homeowners living in Lake Highlands (75238) where the Dallas CAD has our property values all over the place.  Our home is not updated, except for one bathroom.  We are appraising on the CAD for $215K.  What is frustrating is that my next door neighbor (I have not been in his house), has a little more sq feet, new roof, and house looks great on the outside. His appraisal is $165K, so he is paying over $1,000 less in taxes a year.

My questions to you…

-Is it worth the time and effort to fight the appraisal?

-We did put a lot of sweat equity in our landscaping this past year, does that hurt us?  Are they actually driving by and making appraisals based on curb appeal?

-What is the best way to fight the appraisal?

I appreciate your insight, we are grateful to be homeowners but find it extremely discouraging when we see our neighbor’s homes with the $20K kitchen remodels, extra sq. footage, etc and know that we are paying more in taxes than they are.

Keep on blogging, you do great work!

Sincerely, Leeanne