How to Jazz Up Your Next Open House: Buy a Triceratops?

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I thought it was bad when I had a shrunken head in my house. But there’s probably one thing worse than a shrunken head in your house: the 21-foot-long boney remains of a flesh-eating dinosaur.

On Sunday, Heritage Auction Gallery –third largest auction house in the country and rising — is offering what is probably the largest-ever auction of giant dinosaur skeletons — yes, real dinosaur skeletons — at the Tower Building in Fair Park. I mean, where else would they fit? The skeletons will be open to the public beginning Thursday.

“The estimate for the triceratops is $500,000. The last one sold — and it wasn’t as good as this — went for $950,000,” Herskowitz told the Dallas Morning News. “You buy a painting by Jasper Johns, it would cost you $3 million. And Jasper Johns is still alive.”

Well,  the 65 million year old triceratops is definitely dead. And mighty old.

I’m sure having a 19-foot-long skeleton in your home would make for great convo during home showings — or perhaps it could be included as a perk in the sale of the house? Until recently, the skeleton was on loan to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, where officials would dearly love to acquire it permanently for the new Perot Museum.

According to David Herskowitz, Heritage Auction Gallery’s natural history director, the skeletons are among the most complete ever uncovered. Bidding begins in the six figures, to him, a bargain.Tony Fiorillo, the museum’s curator of earth sciences, says that from the first time dinosaurs have gone up for display in the 19th century, they have drawn major crowds at museums — always the most popular exhibits.

Which gives me an idea: every open house needs a star. Maybe triceratops would bring in the open house crowds and help sell a home. Problem is, most homes in Dallas might not be big enough to hold him… I’m sure I can think of a few!

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