Lockout? What Lockout? Beach Football Bonanza at Watercolor Beach This Holiday

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Sean Payton has a home on one of my favorite beaches, Watercolor, near Panama City Beach, Florida. Here’s his yummy house  — I was there, once. Sean is super generous with his beach house and this weekend it was loaded with football celebs who got an impromptu game of “7 on 7” touch football going on the beach that got a lot of buzz and onlookers.

“It got so competitive to where the whole beach was watching,’’ Payton told SportsNOLA.com Saturday. “A highlight for me was my son Connor caught a touchdown pass from Romo. No, he didn’t spike it; he knows better.’’

Fun. ‘Course this leads to more speculation that Payton has such close ties to the Cowboys. In March, he moved to Vaquero. Payton was the Cowboys assistant coach in Dallas from 2003 through 2005, and has only has two years remaining on his contract in New Orleans. Watch for more Dallas Cowboys to be buying beach homes on the Florida Gulf Coast. Tony and Candice, check out Alys Beach!