Oh To Be Back On The Ranch: Rustic Second Home House Candy

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I found this ranch on Curbed and totally fell in love. In fact, while paying bills and blogging, I just kept going back again and again to gaze upon it. It’s hotter than hell in Texas, and I can just feel the cool air whispering over me up there in Augusta, Montana. This spread belongs to the former CEO of Citadel Broadcasting, that being Larry Wilson. So now Wilson’s literally selling the family farm: Sun River Ranch. On the market goes 3,000-acres of God and Grizzly country.

Wilson sold Citadel in its prime in 2001, says Curbed, but the company entered bankruptcy in 2009. Wilson bought up a couple more radio stations — you know what they say, once you own a radio station you are hooked. Curbed suggests he’s selling to help fund new ventures or because he has too many ranches—he’s said to own several more in Montana. One can never have too many ranches, or can they? Ranches are great for ag exemptions and like Texas, Montana has no state income tax.

Look at those dazzling mountain views, varied terrain,  and a decked-out, 7,325-square-foot main house.  Located 20 miles west of Augusta, this 3,000 acre private retreat has 1,539 acres deeded. It  also encompasses 3.5 miles of the glistening Sun River and a dramatic setting at the base of the Rocky Mountain front. You are just minutes by foot and horseback access to an enormous wilderness complex. The new building compound includes a beautiful 7,325 sq. ft. residence, barns, 2 houses and more. The home is luxurious but in that quiet, we-have-money-and-don’t-have-to-brag way. It is constructed of large diameter logs. The guest cabin, barn with apartment, guest and managers homes will handle caretakers, staff and guests and each residence has breathtaking views of Castle Reef and Scapegoat Mountain.

Here’s another reason why I am so in love: great lift. The ranch is only 20 miles west of Augusta, Montana and commercial air is only an hour away in Great Falls. Plus, this is one of the most protected and prolific wildlife areas in Montana. The Nature Conservancy bought up and protected large tracts to the north where Grizzly bears forage out into the plains. Yes, Griszzly bears — I would not be out camping. And if it’s wilderness you seek, baby come home to mama. This ranch adjoins 19,000± acres of the Sun River Game Range. And it has easy almost immediate access to one of the most significant wilderness complexes in the lower 48 states: Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park. Montana, here I come.