Second Shelters Has a Sister Blog: DallasDirt Returns as

SecondShelters was created as a blog for the second home house addict — for those who, like me and Martha Stewart, could just be happy house-hopping for the rest of our lives. Yes, we fret over the vines and get mad when the gardners are sloppy, but we love love love homes so much that one is never enough!

As this blog was growing, I decided to also launch my very own version of theDallasDirt blog I created for D Magazine. On July 1, we launched www.CandysDirt.comfor local Dallas real estate news. (CandysDirt is a mere click away from SecondShelters, if you just look up and to the right!) You can count on CandysDirt to bring you all the local real estate scuttlebutt — OK, dirt — great homes, great listings, great neighborhoods, great builders, Dallas housing lore, housing news, trends and more.

Tune in to both blogs — for all the local real estate dirt in North Texas, and to quench your vacation home lust. Tell us — what kinds of vacation homes do you want to hear more about? We just love them all!