A Look at Redskin Real Estate: Dallas Dirt is Better Than DC Dirt Any Old Day

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Well. In light of the way the Cowboys TROUNCED the Redskins yesterday, my good friends over at Curbed Washington, D.C. have graciously posted some Dallas Cowboys real estate news (along with some Redskins pads, gotta be loyal) because they know that not only is our team WAY better than the ‘Skins, so is our dirt!

Looks as though our Boys aren’t the only ones losing on out real estate deals. Look at Clinton Portis: he took a bath on his McLean Mansion, rumored to have a stripper pole in the basement.

Still, Terrell Owens has given up a whole lot more yardage.

I digress: do you know there is a large house in Preston Hollow that purportedly has a stripper pole in the Master bedroom? Anyone who can get me photos of that gets $100. Hint: the house has fake grass.

Back to Redskin Dirt: Chris Cooley isn’t too bullish on Real Estate as an investment – or is he? “I also have about four houses in the area. No chance am I going to buy the 7.5 million dollar house in your brochure, or any house for that matter. Real estate goes straight into the trash -.”

Well, Chris, only if you bought in 2007 in D.C. Should you decide to sell, we’ll ask Jerry Jones to send a Dallas designer right to your front door to do something about that leather counch and, er, coffee table!