Help These Grad Students Help Second Home Owners!

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If you own a second home, you need to contact Yun, a graduate student in Finance at Rockester Institute of Technology. He and his team are working on a marketing project about second homes, creating products to help second home owners protect their properties. Say an unauthorized person was in your home while you were not — could a body heat sensor trigger an alarm? How about water bugs that beep or call you when a leak is detected? How about temperature controls when you are not there? Here’s the letter I received from Yun, pictured above with his team, who is from China. Let’s help him:

My name is Nan Yun. I am a student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Currently I am working on a marketing project about second homes. My professor imagined a product to help second home owners protect their second home, especially vacation homes. Even if the product is not real, the marketing research must be real. (This product has sensor inside, that can detect humidity, temperature of the room; if no body is there, high humidity can destroy the house. This product will warn the owners through text message or email.) As we need to do this primary research, we need to contact second home owners. I found your amazing website and think you may be able to help me a little bit. I am an international student, it’s hard for me to find people and associations here. Can you help me with contacting second home owners or do you have any suggestions on how can I get connected with them? Thanks so very much!

Nan Yun []