North Texas Mansion Champ D’Or Closed Monday: Meet the New Owners

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Could they be buying it as a second or third home?

Champ d’Or closed Monday, April 30, according to Laura Brady of Concierge Auctions. Which means it is official: Shirley and Al Goldfield no longer own the Hickory Creek mega mansion they have been trying to sell almost since the day they completed the 40,000 square foot plus home. Talk about things you might regret: I saw Realtor Marilyn Hoffman a few weeks ago at the patron party for the Dallas Art Fair. She told me she once brought Mr. Goldfield an offer for $44 million he turned down. Another high profile agent tells me he was almost kicked out of the house when he offered to take the listing for an asking price of no more than $29 million back in 2009. We know Champ sold at auction a month ago at a reserve starting at $10.3 million, which means that was the minimum bidding price. Do you recall the story I wrote with another luxury real estate auction house when I asked what would happen if the reserve was not even met?

Sources tell me the Goldfields, surprise maybe, had a little mortgage on Champs of about $8.5 million. They also tell me the home likely sold for less than the reserve, about $8.7 million. Didn’t have to take money to closing, thank God. And the important thing here is a four letter word: SOLD.

The buyers are being kept a secret. But you know how long that lasts on the street. Word is they might be the matriarchs of a lovely family called the Tabanis, who are well known in the Dallas commercial real estate world. Recently they took an office at 16600 Dallas Parkway. Word from my sources is they specialize in distressed real estate and make no less than a million profit per transaction. Of course I’ve called and asked for an interview… so stay tuned.