How About a Spa 24/7 for a Vacation Home? Living at Austin’s Barton Creek Resort & Spa Is Life Just Like That

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You know that feeling when you sink into a wonderfully padded (and warmed) massage table, the scent of Hill Country lavender in the air, relaxing soft music that takes you away from life as you know it for 50 blissful minutes? Wonderful, isn’t it? Recently, we stayed at the Barton Creek Resort & Spa in Austin and I had just such an experience: a fantastic massage (one of the best I’ve ever had, in fact) after a serious morning work-out in the 11,000 square foot fitness center while my husband golfed on one of the four golf courses. Have no idea which one, I was in heaven. His choices: two by Fazio, one by Arnold Palmer, one by Ben Crenshaw. And then, upon leaving the property after check-out, gazing across the soft hills of Austin, I realized that you could have this life 24/7. You could either check into the resort and just live there, or buy one of the many gorgeous homes surrounding the resort in Barton Creek. I mean, this is Austin: why NOT a second home retreat in the Lone Star capital circling one of the nation’s most beautiful spas and golf clubs?

Nice kitchen for your private chef: $150,000 per year

Then I found this beauty for only $7,900,00: 2401 Portofino Ridge, a Barton Creek landmark that took five years to build and complete. Speaking of five, it sits on almost five acres right on a Barton Creek golf course. There is a guest house, resort style pool, total outdoor living area with kitchen, caterer’s kitchen, 10-car garage for your Concours D’Elegance aficiandos and classic car collectors, and almost 14,000 square feet of main home living. That includes seven bedrooms, five full and five half baths, qualifying Portofino for my luxury bathroom to bedroom ratio, wine room, custom flooring everywhere and hand-carved stone interior.. The home was built in 2002 and will set you back a little under eight million: $7,900,000.

Entrance port cochere to Barton Creek

Come to think of it, it may be better just to stay at the resort! Even at $500 per night, that’s $182,000 per year and something tells me you might cut a deal if you stay longer. At $182,000 a year you can enjoy Barton Creek for what, 40 years? Dialing reservations…


Indoor pool
Your Barton Creek Boudoir


Work out
Golfer's nirvana