Who Bought Troy Aikman’s Lot in Dallas? And Is It A Second Home?

It is a second home — or lot — for now. Remember when I told you that Troy Aikman sold off the Potashnik lot next to his home over there on Highland Drive? The one listed for $11,500,000? I heard that he sold it to the Pratts: Brian and Barbara Pratt. Word on the street was they paid just about tax value ($5,493,000) and as I may have mentioned the lot was never ever in MLS.

Conveniently, the Dallas Central Appraisal District now lists the Pratts as the latest owners of the land at 4419 Highland Drive, and appraised for tax purposes at $5,745,420 million. It includes a cabana, a deck and sport court and 39,239 square feet of dirt to build on, or a hefty Highland Park lot of 159 width by 258 depth.

And Troy Aikman right next door!

Potashnik house

When Troy separated the lot, which he bought from Brian and Cheryl Potashnik for about $5 million in 2008, he lowered the price of his 10,000 plus square foot homestead to $14 million. If he did sell the lot for $5.7, which is the word, good deal: he was able to clear off his mortgage.

current Pratt homestead