Did Sean Payton and His Wife of Almost 20 Years Just File for Divorce? Dallas Real Estate News

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Ryan Jones over at the Times-Picayune reports that New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has apparently, cryptically filed for divorce from his wife, Beth. Tricky, but smart move here: a Tarrant County divorce petition was filed on June 14, the filings using initials so as to avoid making the Paytons’ identities public. Ryan says:

They describe two residents of Tarrant County with the initials of Payton (PSP) and his wife (BAP), the date that the Paytons were married, and the birth dates of the couple’s two children. The computer file containing the petition has the word “Payton” as part of its name.

The Paytons live in this breathtaking house on Brazos Court in Vaquero. Ryan goes on to say that the grounds are ”discord or conflict of personalities between Petitioner and Respondent that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

Poor Paytons. Divorces just suck. We know things must have been tough after Payton was suspended for the 2012 season by the NFL. Might be a little negative wallet biopsy, too. He apparently has already moved out of the Westlake, Texas, really Vaquero home, where he lived with Beth Payton and their two children, Meghan and Conner under all that security. Payton commuted to New Orleans from DFW.

OMG you don’t think she’ll have to sell the house with the disco now, do you?

Ryan, who I think is a total genius, says Payton’s original petition for divorce indicates he and his wife hoped to divide their estate out of court and to hold joint custody of both children. Does that mean he’ll buy a place here or in NOLA? Will they fly the kids back and forth? (That’s insane!) But Ryan says Beth really wants custody and to stay in Vaquero:

“Beth Payton, however, filed a counter-petition for divorce on June 26 which requested that she be appointed the custodian “who has the exclusive right to designate the primary residence of the children in Tarrant County, Texas.” The petition asks that the court schedule Sean Payton’s access to their children “as necessary to protect the health and well-being of the children.”

Beth Payton also seeks the exclusive right to make decisions concerning the children’s medical, legal and educational interests and just have Sean pay support for their care. I know she really likes the school the kids attend out there in Westlake. Wonder if he’s going to have to keep up the mortgage, too, on 2006 Brazos Court??

The home overlooks a pond with 7785 square feet, was built in 2006 and features stunning contemporary interiors. Each bathroom has those generous Farmer’s sinks that you usually only see in kitchens, and take note of the Master bath in that slide show: most gorgeous tile ever plus steam shower and a romantic rock fireplace.

God, that master won’t be seeing any more action now, will it?

The home has stained concrete floors as well as wood, marble and stone. The foyer has stacked stone walls and a 100 year old giant dark wood antique door: it’s like being in a rock church vestibule. There are five bedrooms, four and a half baths — they may need to add a few more according to my latest research – and three living areas. The home is also a Poster Child for green energy efficiency with super duper insulated SIP foam construction that whittles utility bills to dollars a month even in August, tankless water heaters, thermo windows and highest SEER-rated utilities. And oh my the extras: outdoor kitchen, loggia, fire-pit, salt-water pool, play pool, media room, exercise room, study, and game room with that fabulous discotheque for the kids or maybe, adults? It has a lighted floor, mirrored ball, laser lights, a fog machine and probably a Bose sound system — not sure on that, but whatever brand it’s a killer that will make that game room rock like Carnegie Hall.

Gosh, I hope they didn’t fight over the disco.

The original list price was $3.2 million, actually $3,195,000, but then it appears to have crept up to $3,450,000. That’s a hefty mortgage. The Paytons told friends Vaquero is the most perfect place on the face of the earth. They once leased Mark Teixeira’s house over there.

Will Sean buy another place in Vaquero to stay close to the kids: this home is practically free at $1.3? Will he get a condo in Dallas like Yu Darvish? Stray (Freudian slip) I mean stay tuned…

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  1. Candy Evans says

    1. The public loves, just craves celebrity real estate news
    2. First comes divorce, then comes house sale!
    3, We are soooooo bad!

  2. Candy Evans says

    1. The public loves, just craves celebrity real estate news
    2. First comes divorce, then comes house sale!
    3, We are soooooo bad!