Scurry County Ranch is an Outdoorsman’s Paradise: Dove, Deer, and Fishing on 23,000 Pristine Acres

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Covered S Ranch

More than 95 percent of Texas is privately owned, and more than 20,000 acres are lost each year to poorly planned development, says the Texas Land Conservancy. Invasive species, overgrowth, and over grazing can turn native prairies into barren wastelands.

With that in mind, you can see why it’s imperative that ranch owners are good stewards of the land. It appears that the owners of Covered S Ranch have taken that duty to heart.

For the past 15 years, the ranch owners have lovingly restored and maintained the grasslands where whitetail deer and muledeer, doves, quail, and turkeys all thrive. They’ve earned recognition and accolades for their conscientious stewardship, and have turned their ranch into an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Of course, time catches up with everyone, and maintaining a ranch can be a big responsibility. So the owners have decided to downsize and sell their 23,000-acre ranch in Scurry County for a cool $20 million.

Considering what you get for your dollar — a 3,700-square-foot main house built in 2010, two recently remodeled ranch staff homes, a huge horse barn and arena, private wells and windmills, and your very own mountain — this is a great value, especially for a working ranch!

It’s unclear if the mineral rights convey to the property, but the wind farm at the base of the Caprock Escarpment does.

DSC_9141 Windmills WInd Farm West Texas Garza County Bluff Mesa Power

The property, which is marketed through Chas. S. Middleton & Son, is the perfect opportunity to perhaps add a few accommodations and make Covered S Ranch a destination for outdoorsmen (and women!) of all stripes!