Dallas Designer Extraordinaire Dan Nelson Shares His Second Home in New York City with One Chipper Chick

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Dan Nelson is a Dallas-based designer and president and owner of Vision Design, which he joined in 1991, was named President of in 1992, and then just bought the place outright in 2003. His roster of New York City and Dallas clients is a “who’s who” : The Crescent, The Mansion, Manhattan’s 21 Club, and some tony local clients, too, like Pat and Charles McEvoy (Pat is never NOT on the Best Dressed list thingee and and chairs almost every charity in town); Becky and Mike Casey, among others. Dan shared his second home with us, which he just returned from: 10 Park Avenue in New York City. “It was hotter there than it was here,” he tells me. I know — New York is a blast in the summer but it can be way hotter than Dallas with all that humidity. The pied a terre is about the size of a hotel room, and most of the furniture was created by Dan’s talented wife, Chipper. The artwork above the console is a Henri Cartier Bresson photograph. Home away from Dallas home is in a pre-war building (more desireable in NYC, they have more character) in the Murray Hill area and is about 450 Sq. ft. So small, in fact, it’s known as a “studio”.

“Works for me,” says Dan. And it works for me, too!

By the way Dan’s delightful wife (I cannot say better half, though he may) Chipper made all the tables and bathroom console in the co-op. Is she not amazing?