Love Horses? You Can Own Stallion Station in Mustang, Texas

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I am an amateur equestrian (read: I haven’t been on horseback in oh, say, 8 years). However, if I had a few million dollars and plenty of time on my hands, I would jump at the chance to own horses. But if you’re more than an amateur equestrian and you’ve got a few million dollars, then you should jump at the chance to have a stallion breeding facility in none other than Mustang, Texas.

No, I’m not making it up. JEH Stallion Station is a gigantic breeding facility on the outskirts of Pilot Point. This rural location between McKinney and Denton is a great place for a horse lover to get away from the city and really immerse themselves in cowboy culture.

The entire facility includes an 18-stall barn, 140 pens, an 88-stall mare motel, 11-stall mare barn with runs, a 1-stall stallion barn, an arena, walkers, grain and equipment storage and three three-bedroom, two-bath homes. This huge complex sits on almost 200 acres, too!

Find out more about Stallion Station via Brian Smith with Dave Perry-Miller and Associates!