Richard Malouf & Bride Sues Me, Byron Harris, WFAA-TV, and Owen Wilson’s Mother, Laura Wilson

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Well I had an interesting day yesterday. Started at the North Dallas MLS Meeting, ended up in court. Seems Dr. Richard Malouf and his wife want a temporary restraining order against me, Byron Harris, WFAA-TV, and Laura Wilson, mother of Owen Wilson, who lives next door to Richard and Leanne. That’s right, they are suing their next-door neighbor. This is all public record, so happy reading — oh the part about climbing on Mrs. Wilson’s roof and the camera in the closet, and, well, ALL of it, to quote a dear friend of mine: You just can’t make this *%#$@! up!

Well, actually, I guess you CAN!

Original Petition TRO and Temporary Injunction, Malouf v. Evans