Top-5 Friday: Dreaming of a Cool Getaway on Kauai, Hawaii’s Mystical Island!

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Brrr! It’s the first week of May and it’s chilly in Dallas! Aren’t we supposed to be basking in 72-degree weather and enjoying cocktails on our covered porches?

If that’s what you really want to do, then perhaps looking into a second home in a tropical locale is in order. Me? I’m taking my dreamboat to Kauai, Hawaii! This island is so gorgeous, with forests, plantations, mountains, and tons of gorgeous ocean views. The breaks are perfect for surfing, and with every gorgeous home comes a lanai worthy of admiration.

Here are a few fantastic properties courtesy of Kauai Realty. Aloha!

1) Valley House, 6191 Hauaala Road

Hanalei Waterfall

2) Seacliff Getaway, 3620 Kilauea Road 

Property No. 2 Kauai

3) Kilauea Farms, 4110 Wailapa Road

No. 3 Wailapa Road

4) Kohola Point, 4221 Anini Vista Drive

Anini Vista No. 4

5) Mauka Kai Estates, 2895-F Kamookoa Road

Guest Bale No. 5

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  1. Candace Evans says

    Ran into my friend Cindy Schwartz who tells me she rents a home in Hawaii every year! Paradise!