Top-5 Friday: These Estes Park Homes Will Have You Heading For The Hills

Estes Park, Colo., is one of my top 10 vacation spots. I just love this mountain town with its free-roaming elks and kitschy stores. While it’s most beautiful in autumn with the trees on the mountainsides turning a fiery array of colors, it’s gorgeous in every season. Love to ski? This is a fabulous town for that, too!

This mountain hideaway is perfect for a retreat from busy city life without sacrificing too many worldly comforts. And the views? Well, they’re just stunning! Check out our top-5 mountaintop homes in Estes Park for enjoying year-round!

1) 7310 Highway 7

7310 Highway 7

2) 1064 Fall River

1064 Fall River

3) 76 Ridgewood 

76 Ridgewood

4) 650 Lakewood

650 Lakewood Ct

5) 1105 Kerr Road

1105 Kerr Road

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  • Thanks for highlighting our great properties here in Estes Park for your readers! If you ever need advice on real estate in Estes Park or pictures of the area and/or available listings, let me know and I'd be happy to help!

  • Thanks Stan. I was in Estes Park years ago as a child and have fabulous memories of the old Stanley Steamer!