Spring Bass Fishing in East Texas Means House Candy & Fat Fish

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cp fishingWe’ve looked at a few ski areas recently (namely Aspen and Taos), but as the temperatures warm and ski season begins to wrap up, it’s time to return closer to home and talk about the really important stuff: bass fishing!

Spring in Texas brings bass fishing and the allure of landing the big one.   And if you don’t like the crowds, noise and hassle of big lakes, Cross Pines Ranch in east Texas offers some of the best private water bass fishing in the state.  Multiple years of professional lake management is clearly paying dividends with hefty 10+ pounders in nearly every lake.  Like   “Jaws” (see picture),  which seemed like the only appropriate name for this  14.9 pound eating machine.  That’s right, almost 15 pounds and that’s before adding Spring weight!  The other photo is a 12 pounder from  another lake that looks like a bowling ball.   And the entire experience is  low hassle at Cross Pines Ranch.  Simply show up, unplug one of the boats from the charger (electric motors only to maintain the peace and quiet) and you’re off fishing.Jaws 14 9JawsII

If you haven’t heard of Cross Pines, that’s because it  is very private, there has never been any advertising.  (We don’t have to — sorry.) There are only 40 home sites on 2,000+ acres, with over 1,900 acres of conservation land dedicated for fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking or just relaxing.  All the ownership interests were sold and are gone, but if you’re interested, there are a handful of resale interests  available.  While there have been a number of spectacular homes built at CP, currently none are for sale.

But don’t be scared away by the prospect of building.  The approval process is straightforward, there are several excellent builders,  and you get the opportunity to build exactly what you want, subject to the ranch’s reasonable CCR’s and rules, which are designed to produce quality homes of distinct ranch character.  That’s all. To further ease the process, Preservation Land Group, which was responsible for the creation of Cross Pines,  vetted a number of architects and came up with  group of architects that really “get it.”  While owners are not required to use these architects, they should be helpful in understanding the kinds of homes that  work at Cross Pines.    This all-star  group consists of Steven Chambers, Lake Flato, Richard Drummond Davis, and Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro.   They represent a variety of styles, but they  all  emphasize quality, authenticity,  scale and sustainability, and their works definitely qualify as House Candy!  If you’d like to wet a line or walk a building site with one of these  primo architects, contact Walter Altholz  at Preservation Land Group  (walter@preservationlandgroup.com).

Just look out for Jaws!

Next up– Boot Ranch update,  private powder skiing in Colorado  (ski season is not quite done),  Whistler (ditto) and the British Virgin Islands.


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  1. Donald Harper says

    Tried to send an Email to Walter and it didn’t work. My wife and I are retired teachers; looking to move from the Fort Worth area. We are both avid Bass Fisherman. I would like to bring a friend and fish the lake for 2 days then look a properties for a half day or so. If you can make this happen give me a shout.