Should People Who Live in Glass Beach Houses Post Privacy Signs?

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Beach Privacy

We recently spent some time at our family-owned second home in Maine, at Drakes Island. The community is abuzz over a few things, one of them this sign — fading — posted by one of the homeowners down at the end of the beach.

What do you think? Do you build a house with lots of windows and no curtains — er, window coverings, curtains went out with high-button shoes — and then expect people not to look in? Maybe they should hand out giant eye-blocking sunglasses on the beach?

What do you think? Oh yes, here’s the front of the house. Beautiful, eh? Best beachfront property anywhere! (Can’t wait to tell you more about family-managed vacation home management!)


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  1. RDBC says

    Did you by chance even think to consider that maybe people are trespassing on their property? And that this is the reason for the sign. I find with my windows when they are open, I can see out wonderfully but with the sun and glare and shadows at times, it is difficult to really see in……so I think maybe knowing people these days, they have issues with trespassers and not complaining about people looking in their windows. THAT would be difficult to prove really….and ridiculous to assume.