The 505 Ranch on Cedar Creek Lake: a Private Sanctuary Minutes From Dallas in a Shared Community Setting

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Cedar Creek Lake

We have talked about the changes, and rise, in vacation home ownership trends. Sales are getting stronger in this market. In fact, the Wall Street Journal tells us that the world’s super-rich have now marked their favorite spots to store all those mega millions is New York City #1 and Aspen #2. That’s their top choices in the entire world! Sadly, no Texas cities even made the list — only the top two plus Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Miami in the U.S.

Here in North Texas, we love our second homes, too, we just want them to be within driving distance of soccer practice!

Take the 505 Ranch. Named for the pristine grasslands tucked along the tranquil shoreline of the area’s most coveted lake, the 505 Ranch on Cedar Creek Lake is a privately shared, lakefront community rich with ranch amenities. And it’s as exclusive as it is beautiful.

Designed after the shared-community model, but with the added bonus of world-class facilities, the 505 Ranch offers lakefront living nestled within a stunning ranch setting.  The lush, tree-filled concierge community offers the best of parallel settings – lake and ranch; a sense of community combined with privacy; a refuge and an escape; rustic unspoiled nature and modern amenities.And the very best part? It’s all less than an hour away from Downtown Dallas.

505 horses

You probably know how important I think a second home is. There is a reason why the super rich, the upper crust of the 1%, buy vacation home properties: they know time is their most valuable asset. There is nothing more important to give your family than the gift of legacy. And you don’t have to be a mega millionaire to do it. At the 505, the property’s amenities are all world-class.  As if the naturally rugged Cedar Creek shoreline wasn’t enough, the 505 Ranch boasts a clubhouse with a pool overlooking the lake, an equestrian center, polo fields, stocked ponds, hiking and riding trails, an ATV course, a skeet and trip range, a primitive campground complete with tipis, and more.  Can you imagine more fun than playing Cowboys and Indians with your young ones?  Or maybe it’s a day spent on the lake. Or a leisurely ride through the woods.  At this property, it’s all about making memories with your family that will last a lifetime… or longer.



The “man” of the 505 Ranch – who you most definitely need to meet – is Bob Jenkins.  As the Director of Owner Services, Bob is the heart of the ranch.  He’s knows all the ins and outs of the 505 Ranch, and he’s always on deck to give a hand. You’ll love this guy. He is there to make sure owners maximize their vacation time, not wasting precious hours.

The only fault I could find with Bob (if you can call it that) is how he won’t share the recipe for his famous cookies, which he’s known to make for the 505 families.  Trust me, these are special!

Bob Jenkins

With only 56 large-parcel lakefront lots blanketed by stands of ancient oaks, the 505 is an exclusive community, which offers the rare duality of community and privacy. Best of you, you don’t have to be a mega millionaire to afford it.

And, it is a chance to create an instant legacy – a home to be treasured generation after generation.  Whether relaxing by the water on your private shoreline or hitting the trails on the ranch, the unspoiled beauty of the 505 Ranch is unlike any other – a place where memories are as close to your heart as they are to the land.

For more information call Bob at 214.801.0753. Tell him Candy sent you… and then be sure to ask for a handful of those cookies.


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