Obama’s Final Presidential Christmas And The Winter (Sand) White House

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Sand Castle White House 1

For each year of his presidency, President Obama spent the holidays on the same stretch of Kailua beach, near the Marine base at Kaneohe.  Rumors continue to swirl on which home exactly the president is in.  Partly for security reasons and partly because several of the homes in the area have changed hands during his presidency.  At any rate, this year, as has been tradition, several friends drive over to the long expanse of beach for a Christmas morning walk.  The 3.5 mile round trip’s turn around has been the Secret Service tent at the far end of Kailua beach to keep looky loos away.

This year, in addition to the tent, was this White House replica in sand with a message from the people of Hawaii to the outgoing President.

Obama Rental Home 1

The Obama rental home is the one on the right out on the slight point.  As you can see, you can get quite close considering who’s vacationing there. Initially, neighbors were unhappy with the Presidential intrusion, but quickly learned they could rent their homes out to the Secret Service entourage and fly off on their own vacation.  Not a bad deal all around.

SS Tent 1

There’s always a Christmas tree at the Secret Service tent and a placard in the background reading that the remainder of the beach is off limits.  The Secret Service guys are very accommodating to tourists wanting pictures taken and the like.

You may recall, last year I wrote about the Magnum P.I. home that had recently been purchased by an Obama confidant.  At the time, the press were told the home was not for the president. However rumors persisted on the island.  The rumors remain firmly in place that once the kids graduate high school, the $8.7 million Waimanalo home will become at least a part-time residence for the then former President. Magnum’s Robin’s Nest becomes the empty nest.

It’s nice to see the Obama’s taking my recent advice about renting for extended periods before you make a permanent move to paradise.  🙂

The home is not far from Kailua and the President’s childhood friends. No work has begun on much-needed renovations to the property, but for publicity’s sake, that’s understandable.  They want the public to forget about the home until official plans can be released.

The Closest this Author will get to Sitting on the White House lawn
The Closest this author will get to Sitting on the White House lawn

Odd story … apparently the Magnum home still gets mail addressed to fictional writer Robin Masters. Pretty funny, considering the show left prime time in 1988.  But then again, Santa still gets quite a few letters this time of year too.

I wonder where the then-former-president will be spending Christmas 2017?  I think Hawaii is certain and Kailua is likely.  From what I’ve been told, renovations to Robin’s Nest will take time and Hawaii operates on its own time.  Although it’s likely with all the security doo-dads, most of the work will be handled by mainland contractors.

Time will tell, but  Hawaii will always welcome the Obamas.

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