Leave Your Cares on Butterfly Wings on Denman Island, British Columbia

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Denman - Exterior 1

Do you believe a vacation home is a refuge to literally get away from it all?  Perhaps the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest calls to you, but Seattle has become too “Microsoft Millionaire” for you.  How about hopping across the Canadian border to one of the Gulf Islands between the mainland of British Columbia (containing the City of Vancouver) and the large Island of Vancouver?  Denman Island has just what the doctor ordered.

Located at 1800 Triple Rock Road is this gem of an eco-friendly house rests on a pinch over five acres with relaxing views of the forest canopy, Baynes Sound waterway and the Vancouver Island mountains in the distance.  Named Butterfly House due to the roofline, the home is a modest 670 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom.  It’s listed with Margaret Rabena of Pemberton Homes for $439,000.

View of Vancouver Island from one of the buildable sites
View of Vancouver Island from one of the buildable sites

There are two identified buildable sites on the property where a new owner is expected to build their dream home, leaving Butterfly House as a guest cabin.  Me?  I’ll toss you a tent and live in the cottage.  It’s the perfect getaway size.  After all, dumping some jumbo McCabin on the lot sort of defeats the purpose of getting away from it all, doesn’t it?

Denman - Living 1

The living room offers space for two to while away the hours as you unwind from hectic Dallas living.  I find the picture hanging on the wall amusing.  Why would you have that picture when the same view can be had outside the windows?  I know it gets rainy in the area, but surely you’d not forget the view?

Denman - Living View 1

After all, this is the view right outside the living room.  Imagine the evenings here. Sitting in the forest peace, looking up at the blizzard of stars, truly understanding your place in the universe.  If that doesn’t get you to understand that all the “stuff” is the small stuff, nothing will.

Denman - Kitchen 1

The kitchen will not make a gourmet blush, but it’s for what you need. And as you can see, it’s pretty open concept so the views never leave you for long.  For a 670-square-foot home, there’s quite a bit of cabinet space.

Denman - - Bedroom 1

When sleep calls, the other end of the butterfly wing is your bedroom.  I can really imagine the stillness of being in a place like this.  It reminds me of those summers at camp that I’d give anything to return to (but with real walls, not a tent).

Denman - - Bedroom View 1

Waking up is nearly as nice as going to sleep with this pastoral view waiting out the window.  The chair reminds you there are books to read and tranquility to seek.  Without the cloud cover, the distant mountains would add drama to the view.

Denman Map 1
Denman Island is the red teardrop in the upper left

Have I convinced you yet that this is a literal getaway property?  Here’s the map to prove it.  From Vancouver, Denman Island is a nearly three-hour drive to Vancouver Island and then another ferry across to Denman.  The drive is stunning … partly over the Salish Sea on the Trans-Canada Highway and then a coast-hugging drive up to the ferry terminal.  Not a bad way to shed the city on the way to your retreat.

Denman - Property View 1

With the clouds mostly clear, this is the view.  If you can’t unload your worldly baggage in a place like this, boy-oh-boy, do you have problems.


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