Staring Into the Face of God From Sotheby’s Paris Listing

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Clotilde View 1

Often in Paris, discoveries are made by chance. Out for a walk one evening, up Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, I happened upon one of the Sotheby’s offices and peered into the window (as you do).  I was struck by this photograph, snapped a picture to remind me to follow-up when the office was open.

As if the picture didn’t tip it off, I have quite nice taste.  I mean, who reading this wouldn’t count their lucky stars to be standing here with a glass of champagne in their hand?

The Left Bank property on Rue Casimir Périer in the 7th Arrondissement, is on the upper floor of a vintage building across from the pictured Basilique Sainte-Clotilde, in all its Notre Dame-esque gothic-ness. The apartment’s nine rooms are listed with Véronique Prévost and includes six bedrooms with five bathrooms. The apartment is on two floors with the main public rooms and master suite on the sixth floor while the remainder of the bedrooms are on the fifth along with an office/bedroom.  The whole property covers 2,690 square feet (250 square meters) and is listed for a pinch more than $5.26 million or4.9 million … that’s $1,957 per square foot.

Is that the Eiffel Tower on the left? You bet!
Is that the Eiffel Tower on the left? You bet!

After spending that kind of money, you’ll still be able to get around — there are four Metro stops within three blocks.  As I’ve noted before, older cities understand transportation.  The area around the apartment is full of history and pomp.  A block away are the Army, Contemporary History, and sculptor Auguste Rodin museums, not to mention Napoleon’s Tomb and the Musée d’Orsay.  Crossing over to the Right Bank via the Alexandre III Bridge, you’re on your way to the exhibits at the Grand Palais and all the shopping you could imagine within Paris’ famed Golden Triangle as well as the Champs Élysée. More pedestrian-ly, there’s a Franprix grocery store just down the block.

Clotilde Living 1

But why would you want to leave this apartment?  Seen here is one of two living rooms with a wall of windows facing out onto the gardens of Saint-Simon’s library.  Notice the floors.  They’re herringbone, but these planks are wider and longer than found in typical Paris apartments.  At once rustic and modern.

Clotilde Living 2

There’s a period fireplace to take the chill out of a winter Paris night and a wall of built-ins … actually there are two walls of built-ins in this room to store precious books and life’s mementos.

Clotilde Terrace 1

Just outside the Living room is a terrace that runs the length of the apartment. You may be able to see the Louvre and perhaps Sacré-Cœur on a clear day.  I think you’re beginning to understand the price of this beauty.  Its location is phenomenal … Rue Casimir Périer is just a block long … it’s big and its views are bigger.

Clotilde Dining 1

Views?  Yes, the dining room has views of the Eiffel Tower.  Talk about a conversation killer.  As you can begin to see in this room, the dining room has been … shiver … modernized. But no matter — peel off that paneling and return the room to its roots.

Clotilde Dining-Kitchen 1

The kitchen is another problem.  As you can see, it’s quite modern.  I understand the intention to not imitate the period … and modern is definitely at the other end of the spectrum … but I think there’s something more sympathetic required.  Immediately adjacent to this area you can see the second living room / family room.

Clotilde Bedroom 1

This is exactly how you imagine sleeping in Paris.  Casement windows to let the night breezes in and long curtains when you want to sleep in.  The view is the same as the living room with the church peeking into the right window.  The master suite also includes a walk-in closet and en suite bathroom.

I always wonder how our modern plumbing requirements have been retrofitted into period apartments that likely had little plumbing to begin with.  But I suspect that’s a topic for another day. Me?  I’m going out for another walk to see what real estate trouble I can get into.

In the meantime, if this apartment and its views have you under their spell, Véronique Prévost from Sotheby’s can help.

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