Tiny Fiddler’s Crossing Cabin in Big Santa Anita Canyon is Huge on Rustic Charm

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Thirty miles from the grind of Los Angeles, in the middle of the dense woods of Santa Anita Canyon, sits a tiny cabin. Like where this is going?

Built in 1918, the cabin was home to Mike Pauro — a musician known as ‘Ajax Moon’ — a poet and fiddler for whom the spot is now named. Fiddler’s Crossing. Reminds us of something out of a folk story. And if rustic is your thing, you could buy a place in that story for a mere $50,000.

We do mean rustic. While there is cell reception (if you’re on Verizon – can you hear me now?), the 350-square-foot cabin’s appliances are powered by generator and propane.  Lighting is powered by solar panels and some oil lamps, making Fiddler’s Crossing about as off-grid as they come.




But just imagine packing into the one-room hideaway, tucking yourself in at night to the crackle of the wood-burning stove. Or think about spending your days lazing on the deck or wading in the creek, a stone’s throw from your door. Sounds like heaven. Power down that Verizon phone and it sounds even more divine.

Mike Pauro "Ajax Moon"
Mike Pauro, aka “Ajax Moon”

The lore that surrounds the cabin and its owner is every bit as charming as the property itself.

On this particular morning Mike was setting on his deck with his legs dangling over the edge, cup of coffee at his side and playing his fiddle while enjoying the stream, the morning and the canyon.

An early morning hiker came by and stopped to enjoy Mike’s music.  After a while the hiker thanked Mike for the music, stuffed a dollar bill in his half full cup of coffee, turned, crossed the stream and headed up the trail for Sturtevant Falls.

Mike was more than a tad surprised!  He said the dollar wrecked a fifty cent cup of coffee and he still had to get up and get another cup as well as lay out the brown stained dollar bill to dry.  It was a break even deal, but Mike was delighted his music was appreciated.

Much of the cabin remains just as it was built almost a century ago. Improvements include a new roof, a large deck and a storage shed. Interested in owning a piece of history? Grab your pack and meet us in Fiddler’s Crossing.