Top 20 Spots For Vacation Homes in The Right Price Range (and Climate)

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For a pretty penny, you, too could vacation in eco-friendly style in Boulder, Colo.

Got a hankering for a summer home and not a lot of cash?  ATTOM Data Solutions’ newest report is a one-stop guide to the best places to buy a summer vacation home without breaking the bank.

The report analyzes the nation’s 100 most popular vacation home cities — where, according to ATTOM, at least one in every 12 buyers is looking for a second home — to find those with the best combination of good air quality, comfortable summertime temperatures, low crime, and appreciating home values — along with still-reasonable home prices.

Stick around for a look at all 100 vacation cities, or just follow after the jump for a top twenty cheat sheet.

Cooler Temps For a Hot, Hot Price

Maybe it’s as much about the price point as it is where you can best escape this horrendous summer heat? In that case, check out this handy chart by ATTOM Data Solutions. It compiles the average summer temperatures in the top 10 bargain markets for summer homes (under $275,000). Just find your ideal temperature and, voila! There’s the corresponding median price range for that area.

Seeking out milder climates may have you saving a bit longer to land a vacation spot somewhere like Asheville, N.C., where the Smoky Mountains are alive with summer visitors, providing a haven for fishing, hiking, and every outdoor activity under the sun. Or try out Oregon. Average summer temperatures there hover in the high 70s. Sounds magical! But if you’re really being frugal, Beverly Hills, Fla., has some seriously reasonable vacation homes for sale. You’ll just have to brave the humidity, and perhaps a brush with Zika.

High-End Vacation Home Markets

Out of the 100 cities ranked by ATTOM, there were five with median prices above a half million dollars. You know, just in case money is no object. In La Jolla and Santa Barbara, Calif., the median sales price for second shelters runs a cool $1.2 million and $1.05 million, respectively. Laguna Niguel, Calif., however, boasts median home prices of $730,000. Boulder, Colo., also takes a spot on the list of high-end vacation areas. A few years ago, we shared some great properties in Caribou Ridge, an eco-sensitive development just outside Boulder. While they start a bit above ATTOM’s median price point of $649,900, that’s nothing in the luxury market. And with median prices starting just above a half-million dollars, Marco Island, Fla., beckons with its long sandy beaches. And probably Zika, too.

Kidding! Here’s the full data set, if you want to do a bit of digging on your own.