Long Cove Celebrates the Season With Holiday Bash

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Who doesn’t love a great Christmas party? And better yet, who doesn’t love a good Christmas party where you don’t have to do any of the work? If it sounds too good to be true, you must not be a resident of Long Cove, one of the best second home communities in Texas. Situated on Cedar Creek Lake, this stunning vacation home community is a popular destination for Dallasites, considering it’s a getaway that’s only an hour drive south of the Metroplex.

Of course, being so close to the city means that you have access to some great amenities and events, and to show their appreciation, Long Cove went all out at the annual Holiday Bash this year. See for yourself after the jump!

Sean Owen, Peyton Owen, and Traci Owen
Patricia and Woody Thames
Nikki Stinson, Matt Stinson, Stella Stinson, Opal Stinson, Noah Stinson, and Hildie Stinson
Cate Stevenson, Kaitlin Davis, Holly Davis, and Lauren Davis
Larry Steinberg and Karla Steinberg
Amar Sawla and Meeta Sawla
Dwell with Dignity Founder Lisa Robinson, Executive Director Olivia Thomas, and Jenna Fredde
Dwight Mankin, Sharon Mankin, Donna Ridgway, and Richard Ridgway
Nikki Stinson, Kristin Clark, and Kelly Ungerman
Verushka Dundon, Tagan Dundon, Tom Dundon, Blake Dundon, and Drew Dundon
Dwight and Sharon Mankin with Santa Claus
Andrea Huber and Chris Lacquement with Santa Claus
Andrea Huber and Kristin Clark