Summer in Switzerland? Jaw-Dropping Villa Mainini Has Us Convinced

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Switzerland has long been hailed as a paradise for nature lovers, which is why we are pleased as punch to introduce you to the hottest Swiss waterfront on the market! Meet Villa Mainini, a 20th century architectural wonder on an isolated parcel of Caslano, Switzerland.

The six-bedroom, four-bathroom escape at Villa Mainini Piazza Lago 50, 6987 Caslano, Switzerland, affords a sophisticated getaway for those who seek the peace and serenity of far off places. Living at Villa Mainini means losing yourself amidst panoramic pathways marked by jaw-dropping lake and mountain views that go on for miles. Venture out to the village for a charm-filled afternoon admiring the quaint churches and ancient buildings, or grab a bite to eat at any one of the sleepy picture-perfect cafes — Villa Mainini does not disappoint.

What type of beach does Villa Mainini sit on, you ask? Philipp Peter, listing agent for the estate and owner of Wetag Consulting says, “Just few steps from the Villa Mainini, Caslano lido was established many years ago (it is said in ‘700…) and has never changed its size or characteristics, remaining a small paradise. Caslano lido has always distinguished itself over the last 10 years for the harmony of its colours, the liveliness, and the desire of those wishing to spend a few hours without thinking about everyday life.”

The original town settlement of Caslano lies on the shores of the lake, off the main traffic artery. Here you’ll find narrow internal streets with its vast square on the lake. In the foreground, the Sassalto, a mountainous peninsula that dominates the village, is considered a natural environment protected by the Swiss Confederation due to its “interesting geological, faunal, and botanical characteristics.”

Peter shares, “Museum goers may visit the Fishing Museum, one of three in Switzerland, a camera exhibition of the Vincenzo Viccari Foundation, and the Chocolate Museum, that gourmands of all ages will absolutely love. Sports lovers will also be pleased: in fact in Caslano and its surrounding area, all kinds of sports may be practice from tennis to golf, from horse-riding to swimming, from sailing to windsurf.”

Built in 1903 by Parisian architect Henri Fivaz, Villa Mainini is a seductive waterfront retreat with an incredible amount of historical detail to complement the village that surrounds it.

The town itself can be accessed by a number of airports including nearby Lugano-Agno. It is only a few kilometers away from the city centre of Lugano and Cassina d’Agno, and can be reached via Zurich, Geneva, and Rome. “These cities, which all have international airports, are connected to several destinations in Europe and all over the world,” Peter adds. Additionally, there are the international airports of Milano Linate, Milano Malpensa, and Milano Orio al Serio – all reachable from Ticino in less than one hour.

For those who enjoy a round of golf, the Golf Club Lugano is located in Magliaso and 2.8 km away from Cassina d’Agno. Founded in 1923, it offers an 18-hole course (PAR 70 – 5,575 meters) situated in a beautiful pre-alpine landscape. We are told the course is considered very technical and extremely demanding because of its many hazards and very narrow fairways, often confined by the rich vegetation and the river Magliasina which has to be crossed 8 times during a game.

We can’t imagine a more beautiful investment for jet-setters who adore natural beauty, adventure, and the panache that Caslano, Switzerland affords. This rare offering is currently listed for $8.32 million USD by Philipp Peter, Owner, Wetag Consulting. He can be reached at +41 91 601 04 50, or by email at