Baha Mar Job Is For The Birds

We are absolutely tickled pink over news of job opening at Baha Mar.


Not so long ago, Candy Evans, founder and publisher of and, sang like a bird when telling us all about Baha Mar, a much-anticipated multi-billion resort in the Bahamas. As luck would have it, Baha Mar is hiring a CFO.

This CFO has nothing to do with accounting.  Baha Mar is hiring a Chief Flamingo Officer. It’s a nest-level kind of opportunity.

Yes, this means the ideal candidate will actually get paid to run away to a tropical island.  It would be quite the feather in your cap.  However, before you throw together a resume on the fly, applicants won’t want to run afowl of Baha Mar’s stringent requirements.

The new CFO needs a degree in zoology or a related field, and at least five years of experience “in the care and husbandry of” flamingos. Husbandry? is a SFW kind of blog.  We don’t need to drag in the birds and the bees. Bottom line — the Chief Flamingo Officer is a person ready to spread his or her wings.

If this sounds like you, look no feather.

Baha Mar is acquiring a flock of flamingos to complement its animal sanctuary and “Explorer’s Club” geared towards children.  It seems that right now, they don’t give a flock, but soon will.  The new CFO will have a bird’s eye view of Baha Mar, including the “flamingo mansion” custom built for the prized national birds of the Bahamas.

So, if you are a bird of a feather, then by all means, apply.  They say the early bird catches the worm, or in this case lands a plum new position at one of the best destinations in the world.  My apologies if the bird jokes ruffled some feathers.

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