Extraordinary Galveston Home Reno-Ready — If You Want

galvestonThis week’s historical shelter is a Galveston home that the listing agent says is renovation-ready, but is also perfectly fine as it is.

We’ve talked about Galveston before, and how much the island has to offer. It isn’t a long drive from Dallas, which makes it a frequent spot for second shelter seekers in the area who want homes near the beach they can visit frequently.

And the Nephtali Grumbach House, located at 1718 Church Street, is a great example of a historical shelter that is still a quick drive (or bike ride) to a public beach, the Strand, and more that the island has to offer.

Grumbach, according to a newspaper ad we discovered, owned a dry-goods store in Galveston.

“It’s a marvelous house and needs your love, although it’s very comfortable to live in as it is,” said Realtor Robert Zahn of Boulevard Realty in Galveston.

And it really is. Built in 1887, it was renovated (according to city records) by famed Dallas architect Charles W. Bulger in 1906. Bulger moved to Galveston in 1891, and is credited with many of the most significant buildings and homes in the town that were built in the late 1890s and turn of the century.

Obviously, the home has had a few more renovations and updates since then, but the four-bedroom, three-bath home is a spacious 4,879 square feet, and has plenty of room for guests or family.

“The extraordinary spaces have pocket doors, high ceilings, fireplaces, and pine floors,” Zahn said.

Downstairs, two parlors, large dining room and kitchen provide plenty of room for entertaining. The lower level also features a full 1940s bathroom and “a separate apartment where the original kitchen is thought to have been,” he added.

More bedrooms, two bathrooms, and another apartment can be found upstairs, and that apartment has access to both the back hall and the exterior of the home.

Structurally, Zahn says there is little to worry about — electrical and plumbing were updated after Hurricane Ike. “The roof is well-maintained asbestos tile and standing seam metal,” he said.

And the property isn’t done wowing — a lush garden has numerous fruit trees, and the detached garage also features yet another apartment.

The Galveston home is listed for $650,000.