Best Words In The World: Oceanfront Hawaiian Penthouse

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Tahitienne is one of the first “high-rises” built on Oahu’s Gold Coast. Originally an eight-story building, a ninth-floor penthouse was added at some point. It rests alone with 2,800 square feet plus an additional 645-square-foot lanai that stretches 50 linear feet across the ocean. There are three bedrooms with two-and-a-half bathrooms. Listed at $6.4 million with Anne Oliver from Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties, it’s a sweet place to call home.

To take advantage of the views, the main rooms slot from left to right along the ocean. Upon entering there is a guest room immediately to the left (more later) but forward is the living room. Next to that is the central kitchen, which is flanked on the other side by the dining room. Beyond the dining room is the full-depth, ocean-to-Diamond Head master suite. If you always want to be looking at the water (and you do), this is the layout. The home was renovated in 2008 by the Los Angeles-based ID Group.

Entering the home, the ocean awaits. In back of the photographer is an office area with desk (also ocean-facing). Notice the vents in the ceiling. Unlike many older condos, this one has central air-conditioning. To the right of the TV is another smaller living area (or breakfast nook) adjacent to the kitchen.

The kitchen doesn’t let cabinetry get in the way of the views (in back of the photographer). All the tall cabinets and appliances are on the back wall, making way for the view. Being a high-rise, there are posts, as you can see. Because the building was built in 1957 when residential high-rises were new, this one is solid, poured concrete, making it incredibly strong.

The dining room can be dressed up or down depending on the mood you’re going for. The transparent chairs give the space more openness. Note there are no head chairs. While I’d put one at this end to soak in the view, I’d never put one at the far end to hamper my guests’ view.

In back of the dining room is the master bedroom which drinks the same views as the other rooms. If you hadn’t noticed before, the floors are crisp, white terrazzo and the speakers in the ceiling reveal a central sound system for setting the right mood.

Turning around you can see the master bath. And I’ll admit I’m usually not a huge fan of open bathrooms, but this one is different. While the sinks, bathtub and shower all face the ocean, the toilet is tucked away. Here’s the thing: If you’re sleeping with someone, seeing and being seen while brushing your teeth or showering is kinda sexy (if you do it right). And not only are things you don’t want to see secured behind a door, it also means flicking on a light for a middle-of-the-night calling won’t wake up your amour either. Finally, seeing as how the nearest person who could spy into the window would need a potent telescope sitting in Japan, the feeling of outdoor living while indoors is wonderful (and I know of what I speak).

Finally, here’s one of the two guest bedrooms. While it’s not the ocean views of the master, having a view of Diamond Head crater has been the stuff of jealousy-inducing selfies since the Brady’s set foot in Waikiki on September 22, 1972.

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