Welcome to the World’s Most Terrifying Swimming Pool Concept

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Photo courtesy Compass Pools

We have a beach home for a family of five — with a twist, a Colorado ranch that includes a car museum and a fossil, possibly the world’s most terrifying swimming pool, and road trip suggestions.

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New Zealand Beach Cabin a Retreat for Five

Dwell Photo

We cannot get over this beach hut/cabin designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, and featured on Dwell

It sits on the dunes at the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, and can be moved on two sleds. 

But the catch? The family of five shares a 430 square foot space. 

But it’s all sustainably built. 

“Apart from food delivery and non-recyclable waste removal, the hut functions as a self-sustaining organism with rain-catchment tanks, a worm-tank waste system, and separate potable and gray-water tanks,” the firm told Dwell

Source: Dwell

Discovery Channel Founder Sweetens Pot With Car Museum

After he didn’t snag a buyer for his massive Gateway, Colorado, estate in 2017, Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks threw a little somethin’ somethin’ in to sweeten the pot — a whole danged car museum, the New York Post reports. 

Previously, he only listed the main house (eight bedrooms, eight baths, 22,000 square feet). Now he’s included the Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa, which includes a 72-room lodge, dining area, auto museum, airstrip, airplane hangar, helipad, horse stables, a private observatory with telescope, and a prehistoric dinosaur footprint.

It’s listed for $279 million.

Source: New York Post

World’s Most Terrifying Swimming Pool 

We agree with Fast Company’s Jesus Diaz — the renderings for this 360-degree infinity pool perched atop a London skyscraper are terrifying. 

“I don’t know if this is a real project or a publicity stunt … I do know that I would freak out in it, though,” Diaz wrote.

Compass Pools calls the concept the “death defying swimming pool,” which does not sound at all relaxing. It would be a 158,500-gallon cast acrylic tank on top of a 55-story building. The bottom of the pool would also be transparent, so people walking on the floor below could look up and see uh, belly buttons?

Source: Fast Company

Feeling Like a Summer Road Trip? 

Photo courtesy TurquoiseTrail.org

If you’re thinking about hitting the road, with the wind in your hair, blue skies and sunshine overhead, the website 10best.com has some great suggestions for stretches of open road.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Included in the list is the Pacific Coast Highway, the Turquoise Trail, Route 66, and the drive from Colorado to Las Vegas.

Source: 10best.com