Kokoon La Aldea: The World’s First Sustainable Luxury Medical Resort

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Amadores Beach, Gran Canaria

If you’re headed into the hospital for a procedure and you’d prefer it to take place in the lap of luxury, Kokoon La Aldea in Gran Canaria off the coast of North Africa will soon have you covered.

This incredible $1.2 billion development will offer the highest in medical care and is equipped to handle everything from orthopedics to plastic surgery, stem cell treatments, gynecology, and more.

The resort isn’t just for surgical procedures either. Everyone looking to improve their health is invited to stop by for a stay, including elite athletes and those wanting to keep their bodies operating at peak performance.

Gran Canaria Roque Nubile

Backed by international sports and music figures, Kokoon La Aldea is on a mission to create the world’s first sustainability-focused luxury medicine and sports complex. The location was selected for its proximity to Europe, convenience to the United States and, of course, the breathtaking beauty offered by Spain’s Canary Islands.

With 400 hospital beds, two luxury seven-star hotels with over 400 suites each, an extensive sports facility and more, this property is a vision, a mission, and to quote Millennials, EVERYTHING.

Led by Per Jacob Solli, Kokoon La Aldrea was no doubt inspired by the global medical market, currently the fastest-growing tourism segment. It’s growing at a rate of 20 percent annually and is expected to be a $179.6 billion industry by 2026.

Solli said, “Kokoon’s vision is to change the health and fitness paradigm by concentrating the medical, fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation, and dietary services into a one-stop, beautiful environment where client needs, comfort, and speedy recovery are top priority.”

An incredibly lofty goal for a luxury resort, but one that Solli is no doubt capable of delivering. He’s the founder and president of Kokoon properties and has experience in sports fitness, physical therapy, and business development.

Catering to its clientele is one thing that Kokoon properties are known for. Catering to the environment is one thing that Kokoon La Aldea will strive for. The entire complex will run on its own renewable energy, powered by solar installations. As for freshwater? It will be created onsite with a desalination plant.

Construction for Kokoon La Aldea is scheduled to begin the last quarter of 2019.