Where Are The Vacation Home Hot Spots?

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Vacation Home
Sixty-four percent of the second homes in Maine are in Cape Neddick, like this one listed for $2,099,000 with access to the Atlantic Ocean.

New England has the lock on the states with the most vacation homes, with Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire topping a list of states with the most second homes compiled by IPX1031.

Maine, where 19 percent of the homes are second homes, came in first, with Vermont (at 17 percent) and New Hampshire (12 percent), coming in second and third.

“We researched vacation home data from more than 29,000 different census designated places across all 50 states and ranked the top three locations with the most vacation homes in every state,” IPX1031 wrote.

Where are people not vacationing? It might not come as a shock, but the Midwest isn’t a hotbed of second homes.

In fact, Illinois is last on the list, with a mere one percent of its homes falling into the second home category. Ohio (1.1 percent), Iowa (1.6 percent), Indiana (1.7 percent), and Kansas (1.4 percent) aren’t much better.

The outlier is Wisconsin, likely because of its thousands of lakes for fishing and boating, which propelled it to number eight on the list.

“After we looked at the percentage of vacation homes in every state, we analyzed the top three places with the most vacation homes within those states,” the report explained.

What does that mean? It means that while some might expect Orlando or Miami to be in Florida’s top three places, in reality, it is Captiva, Horseshoe Beach, and North Key Largo.

“For example, the top three destinations in California all have less than 300 vacation homes,” the report said. “However, every home within those three places are classified as vacation homes.”

Courtesy IPX1031