Buy in the Bahamas For a Lot (Or a Little) Bucks

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If you want to move to the Bahamas, you can spend a lot of money, or slightly not a lot of money. 

A new article in the New York Times sets our sights on the island of New Providence — a popular vacation spot especially for North American land lubbers.

The 80-square mile island has plenty of beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing, and was spared by August’s Hurricane Dorian, making it a viable haunt for beach seekers.

But have you thought about buying? Because, well, people are definitely buying — from affordable beachfront properties to luxe digs like Albany, Baha Mar Residences, and more. 

Its the luxury properties, in fact, that are attracting buyers from all over the globe — and not for the first time.

“It is the second time after a recession that the Bahamas has lured international buyers,” the article said, adding that when the Bahamas came out of its 1930s recession, it became the spot for British socialites and business tycoons.

Until 2010, New Providence had three high-end gated communities — Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay, and Ocean Club Estates. But then the 600-acre Albany broke the drought, and soon more luxury properties followed. 

The newest development is Baha Mar Residences, which went on the market last year and are part of the $4.2 billion Baha Mar resort. The residences have 198 ocean-facing apartments and waterside villas, divided between the resorts three hotel brands. 

We were curious — just how much luxury can one buy in New Providence, and what does an affordable pad look like? So we found three listings — Pricey, Spendy, and Well-Within-the (budget).


Our pricey option is in Baha Mar Residences-Rosewood, and clocks in at 6,398 square feet, with eight bedrooms and ocean views. You also have access to tons of amenities, including a membership in the NEXUS Club, which counts Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, and Justin Timberlake among its investors, and is touted as “exclusive, members-only experience.” 

The pad is priced at $25 million.


Our spendy option is also in Baha Mar Residences-Rosewood, and has all the same amenities as our pricey option. But it’s half the size — 3,199 square feet — and has six bedrooms. But it still has ocean views, and that NEXUS Club membership.

It’s also priced at $6.4 million.

Well-Within-The (budget)

If you’re the type that wants a place to crash, shower, and kick back briefly between jaunts to the beach and activities, then you won’t blink so much at this one-bedroom, 416 square foot abode on the Nassau harbor. One Particular Harbour may be diminutive, but the views and location might just make up for it.

It’s priced at $365,000.