Post COVID-19, It’s All About The Hygge

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A lot has changed since the pandemic first swept the nation, essentially altering life as we know it, shifting home buyer trends, and increasing our desire for Hygge. 

What is Hygge you ask? 

Hygge is loosely defined as a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality. It’s a feeling of contentment or well-being. And it’s regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture, where the term originates. Let’s face it, in these trying times, we could all use a little more Hygge.

At Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club (AMRC) in idyllic Steamboat Springs, you’ll find just that. The Colorado ranch community is listing a rare, mountain-view retreat that fully embodies the luxury, comfort, contentment, and well-being that Hygge represents.

It’s known simply as Hygge Haus. And it could be yours to the tune of $4.15 million.

Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club Sets Its Sites On Hygge, Reports Strong Post COVID-19 Sales

For those of you unfamiliar with the luxury resort ranch in Colorado, here are some quick facts. AMRC is a 1,200-acre ranch community in Steamboat Springs. It consists of 63, five-acre homesites, and it’s home to more than 900 acres dedicated to wildlife preservation.  

Even better, AMRC is a place where second home buyers go to get away. A place where luxury and nature meet, while still having all the comforts of home. And the pandemic is only increasing demand for homes like these at AMRC. The ranch is seeing an uptick in interested buyers who want fresh mountain air, luxurious amenities, and homes with unrivaled design.

AMRC Sees Uptick In Luxury Buyers Seeking Wide Open Spaces And Wellness

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

“After an initial slow-down in activity at the onset of the pandemic, there has been a recent resurgence of interest in Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club,” says Brittanny Havard, Director of Marketing for AMRC. 

“In these unprecedented times, we have never felt more fortunate for the private, wide open space and peaceful setting the Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club community provides – not only for our Owners’ individual efforts to practice responsible social distancing, but also for mental wellness.”

Havard adds, “Luxury buyers are actively seeking communities that offer wide open spaces. They are realizing the importance of time with their loved ones, family and friends- and seeking real estate opportunities that provide ample space, yet that are within the drive market to major metropolises.”

Enter, Hygge Haus: A One-Of-A-Kind Scandinavian-Inspired Retreat Set In The Rockies

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

This is where Hygge Haus comes in. The on-site construction management team at AMRC projects a late-2020 completion date for Hygge Haus and we have the scoop!

Hygge Haus Embraces Minimalism And Functionality, Without Sacrificing Beauty

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

First off, we are in awe of the home’s smart, Scandinavian-style architecture and design. It embraces clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. And what a beauty it is!

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

AMRC calls the interiors “free of clutter and ornamentation, featuring open floor plans, with flexible spaces that can accommodate a variety of activities, rather than serving just one function.” This further enhances the practicality of the home’s design, while simultaneously putting residents at ease.

Currently Under Construction, The Property Spans 4,500 Square Feet

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

Currently under construction, the home spans 4,500 square feet across two gracious levels. And there is a master suite for each! However, it’s the dramatic views that will take your breath away. 

Unprecedented Mountain Views And Amenities

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

Floor-to-ceiling windows frame 270-degree views from Emerald Mountain to South Valley’s Walton Peak, culminating with Steamboat Ski Resort as the star.

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

For the modern, sophisticated buyer, there is a gourmet kitchen, multiple dining areas, and walls of glass that open to the outdoors. Here, you will experience unbelievable sunsets and that famous Steamboat Springs Alpenglow. A walkout with hot tub allows for stargazing by night. And the four-bedroom, six-bathroom layout is ready for relaxation, making it the perfect family escape.

All The Elements of High-End Hygge Design

Hygge Haus rendering, courtesy of AMRC.

“Hygge has really gained traction over the past five years as its own kind of design style,” says Sarah Tiedeken O’Brien, the home’s interior designer and partner at Vertical Arts Architecture. “People frame Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) as a word there’s not a direct translation for in English. But the gist is it being a feeling of comfort and having an atmosphere promoting well-being and serenity.”

Fly-Fishing, Skiing, And Horseback Riding Abound

When you decide to crawl out of your Hygge state-of-mind, the action-packed amenities abound. This includes fly-fishing private waters and skiing Champagne Power.

But if you are more into hiking or horseback riding, you’ve come to the right place. The on-ranch trail system allows you to get out and about in a snap. Of course, there is paddle-boarding on the private lake too! Couple that with a soft, Hygge-inspired place to land, and you have the recipe for pure, uninterrupted bliss.

An Airy, Inviting Environment That Invites You To Unwind

Speaking to the home’s tranquil vibe, O’Brien adds, “It has an airy, inviting environment that has a lot of rich, tactile materials. And it’s got a soothing color palette, but within that is a lot of depth and texture. The goal is to create a vibe that is easy for families to come in and feel like they can put their feet up.” 

Now that is a Hygge Haus we can get behind. 

Hygge Haus is currently under construction with a late-2020 completion. It is currently listed for $4.15 million. For more information visit Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club.