The Best Airbnbs for a Secluded Staycation Near Dallas

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This Fort Worth Airbnb has every amenity you want in a getaway that isn’t too far away. (Photos courtesy of Airbnb listings)

By Mary Cate Long
Special Contributor

One of the rare silver linings of COVID-19 and the resulting travel restrictions is the incentive to explore our own backyard. We often overlook the beauty and wonder of our own corner of the world for the draws of destinations far away. 

Whether your international summer trip was canceled or you’re having second thoughts about vacationing on a crowded public beach, these gorgeous Airbnb properties in and around Dallas are the perfect way to have a socially-distanced staycation. 

Not only do these properties have access to pools or lakes for some fun in the sun, the interiors are stunning. No hotels, airplanes or human contact necessary for a five-star vacation!

Fort Worth Lakefront Retreat

Location: Fort Worth, about a 40 minute drive from Dallas
Price: $1,700/night, +$400/night for guest home, +$300/night for gym
Capacity: 16 guests, 4 bedrooms
Highlights: Lake views and access, pool, gym full of activities

One of DFW’s most pricey Airbnbs, the luxury home pictured above sits on 5.5 acres of property on the edge of Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth. 

The abundance of windows and neutral tones instill the interior with a light, calming atmosphere. A mix of greenery, modern art, wicker wares and unrefined wood finishes round out the home’s personality.

For those willing to pay an additional $300 a night for gym access, the clean warehouse-like space is a highlight. It’s complete with a poker table, ping pong, shuffleboard and a basketball half-court.

Dolomite Lodge on the 5 J Ranch

Location: San Saba, about a 3 hour drive from Dallas
Price: $650/night
Capacity: 11 guests, 4 bedrooms
Highlights: Pool, hot tub, skeet shooting on request

Rustic and refined, this property encapsulates the best of Texas ranch life. It’s located about 3 miles away from the small town of San Saba and more than 20 five-star reviews laud it as a beautiful, secluded getaway.

The abundance of studded leather, dark wood, hide rugs, and fur throws check all of the boxes of expected ranch decor. Overall, it’s pulled off in a relatively tasteful and non-overwhelming fashion.

There’s plenty of room for activity at this firepit, whether swimming in the round pool, soaking in the hot tub, gathering around the fire pit to roast marshmallows or even going skeet shooting on the ranch property.

Extraordinary Treehouse City Escape

Location: Dallas
Price: $290/night
Capacity: 4 guests, 2 bedrooms
Highlights: Unique treehouse vibe, in Dallas yet feels completely secluded 

Cross over a wooden footbridge under the canopy of a grove of Japanese maple leaves to enter this unique, “treehouse-esque” property. Although it feels completely secluded due to its forest cover, this Airbnb is just a few miles away from White Rock Lake.

The interior’s design is a continuation of the sunlit, leafy exterior, complete with large windows for the tree-filtered light to come through, a cozy spiral staircase to the two upstairs bedrooms and plenty of Southwestern-style rugs.

Pro tips: 1) This property often books up months in advance, so look into it early. 2) The owner prefers renters above the age of 27, so if you’re younger you’ll need special permission.

Modern Lake Access Home 

Location: Belton, about a 2 hour drive from Dallas
Price: $400/night
Capacity: 14 guests, 5 bedrooms
Highlights: Lake view and access, hot tub, 3-story house

The architecture of this property is strikingly modern, especially for a small town Texas lake house. 

The interior juxtaposes clean lines with organic shapes and balances an all-neutral palette with pops of greenery. There are some unique pieces, such as the hanging wicker chairs in the main living room.

The Airbnb’s boardwalk to the lake allows easy access to fishing, kayaking and swimming. Closer to the house, there’s also a hot tub and small fire pit to enjoy.

Private Secluded Dallas Retreat with Pool and Spa

Location: Dallas
Price: $904/night
Capacity: 16 guests, 5 bedrooms
Highlights: Close to the city, fun design

With it’s funky, modern design and seemingly endless supplies of activities, this Airbnb is the definition of fun. It’s located in Dallas, but you could easily hole away here for days without leaving because it has more than everything you need. There’s a miniature golfing green, a pool complete with hot tub, shuffleboard and a TV in every room.

The incorporation of bold, complementary colors, exposed beams, lively modern art and unique light fixtures make every room interesting, if the abundance of activities wasn’t enough to keep you on your toes.