This Company Is Like an Upscale Airbnb for Huge Ranches

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Withers Ranch near Ft. Davis, TX (Photos courtesy of Explore Ranches)

Buying property in West Texas is no small feat. In fact, it is often (quite literally) a huge decision. The sprawling ranches stretch for thousands of acres and the price tags match.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Is the peaceful solitude and stunning scenery of West Texas worth the lengthy drive? We suggest you dip your toe into the water with the array of carefully-curated rental ranches that Explore Ranches has to offer.

Exclusive Ranch Rentals

Rocker B Ranch near Graford, TX

The company has been called the “Airbnb of Ranches,” but in all honesty the title doesn’t quite fit because Explore Ranches is more than that. Started by three Texans in late 2018, the rental company puts a lot of thought into the properties that they list and even provides an entire proposed itinerary along with each accommodation – including everything from private dining experiences to guided outdoor excursions. It’s really more like an all-inclusive vacation. 

Jay Kleberg, who co-founded Explore Ranches along with Allison Ryan and Jesse Womack, said that the idea for the company came from a desire to connect people with exclusive, beautiful outdoor spaces in the United States. 

“We started Explore Ranches to try and connect people with the outdoors and understanding that more than 60 percent of the U.S. is privately-owned– there are some amazing places that not many people have access to,” Kleberg said. “We wanted to provide that access so that people are more connected to the outdoors so that they care about the outdoors and then hopefully they conserve the outdoors later on in their lives.”

The Perfect Socially-Distanced Getaway

Hudspeth River Ranch near Comstock, TX

Besides the obvious draw of the gorgeous scenery, the setup on these remote ranches is the perfect socially-distanced getaway. On any year, it’s nice to have a good view to yourself, but in 2020 seclusion has basically become a requisite. 

All of Explore Ranches rental properties vary so you can sample several regions to find the one that best suits. While most of them are in West Texas, now there are also options closer to Dallas (near Possum Kingdom Lake) and some further (California and Colorado, for instance). 

Huge Properties

Chalk Draw Ranch near Marathon, TX

Whether they feature canyons, streams, holistic spa services, or fishable lakes, these privately-owned properties have gigantic size in common. “Room to roam” would be an understatement. The largest one on the roster is 558,703 acres … Yep, that’s more than double the size of New York City.

Maybe a few stays with Explore Ranches will help you narrow down the perfect area for you to buy your own ranch or perhaps you’ll be happy to continue using the company’s variety of privately-owned properties whenever you please. Either way, a stay with Explore Ranches is worth looking into.