historical shelterIt’s not often that we are able to bring you a historical shelter that is a) close enough to be able to attend an open house, and b) is having an open house so you can actually go see it in the flesh.

Today, you’re in luck, because we have an adorable historical storefront that could be commercial property, but is currently staged and used as a home — in the cute little East Texas town of Golden.

Close to Mineola, as a home, it manages to give up both a farmhouse country feel and an industrial loft feel at the same time. (more…)

manhattanThis week’s historical shelter is a gorgeous contemporary home built in 1972 (so it’s a spring chicken compared to most we look at) — and bonus, it’s both on a lake and 28 minutes from Manhattan.

At $2.2 million, it’s not as inexpensive as some of the other historical homes we’ve showcased, but you really do get a lot of bang for your buck with this home on the 60-acre Larchmont Reservoir Nature Conservancy, parked with beautiful views of Sheldrake Lake. (more…)

Nestled in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana, a five-bedroom mansion built for a man who came west with his brother, intending to prospect for gold, sits ready for its next owner, the one that will update it to marry the history behind the home with more recent creature comforts. (more…)

las crucesIt’s a house that has one foot in history, and one foot in the future — and the amazing second shelter or even vacation rental income property potential of this nearly four-acre estate in Las Cruces, New Mexico makes it a must-see.

The home includes a main house and guest house, and when you consider everything it comes with, the $850,000 price tag makes it a bargain. It’s self-contained enough to provide plenty of entertainment on the grounds but is also close to wine festivals, book festivals, fairs and more if you venture into town. (more…)

New York

The Teunis Slingerland House has its roots with the earliest settlers of what would be the United States.

A home that has its foundation — literally — with one of the first settlers in what would become the United States is now up for grabs in New York.

Known as the Teunis Slingerland house, the original homestead was built after Teunis Slingerland purchased almost 10,000 acres of land near the Hudson River from a Mohawk tribe in what is now New Scotland, New York. (more…)

gettysburgFor less than $900,000, someone will soon own a home so steeped in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Civil War history it still has two cannonballs stuck in it.

The home sits on what is now called Confederate Avenue and was built by Herman Haupt, who was first a railroad man, and then a Union general during the Civil War. (more…)