Not the newspaper you want to see on your vacation over coffee and croissants.

Events of the past few weeks in Hawaii should send second home owners looking for their home insurance policies.  Regardless of whether your property is located in the mountains, by the sea or anywhere else, insurance is critical. Remember, there’s always some disaster to be protected from. And in the case of second homes, their often far-flung location may catch you off guard in insurance matters.

Think about it. You’re used to the potential disasters where you live, but those risks are often different elsewhere. My Dallas home owner’s policy has little need to discuss avalanches, hurricanes, tsunamis or volcanos.  Homes in Hawaii may fall victim to all four, but are unlikely to be concerned with tornados.


The team of federal firefighters and officials from several U.S. agencies has joined local forces to battle that North Texas blaze that has burned nearly 150,000 acres over in Possum Kingdom, about 70 miles west of Fort Worth. About 160 homes have been destroyed since the fire started a week ago, according to authorities. The blazes have also taken the life on one firefighter. This is what’s left of a large home at Possum Kingdom. It almost looks like the smouldering Thornfield at the end of Jane Eyre.