Father’s Day was last weekend, but this spread would have made a great gift of second home real estate for Anthony Weiner: Beaver Dam Farms. The 973-acre private estate is tucked away in the rolling foothills of Athens, Georgia. It was built from the root up and designed by country music legend Kenny Rogers – betcha didn’t know he was a designer as well as a  crooner and, in fact, had an interior design firm partnership in Atlanta. He sold the spread to wealthy rancher Wes Adams  in 2003, who died in February. And now,  Beaver Dam has just been listed privately for
$20 million.

The  estate comes fully furnished and is located on the original site of one of Georgia’s grandest plantations. It features so much I might as well create a list:  12,000-square-foot main house complete with two gyms, a movie theater, a billiards room, and an Italian marble wraparound porch.  Bring on the visitors, just as Kenny did and they can have their choice of  a 4,000 square foot six bedroom guest house, a four bedroom, 2600 square foot guest cottage, and four one-bedroom villas 1,000 square foot little villas larger than most New York City apartments.

If you think this list is exhaustive – the best is yet to come.  Beaver Dam Farms has a  private, 6,285-yard, 18-hole executive championship golf course that Rogers personally designed and is on par with world-renowned Augusta National. Here are some of the top names who have played there: Payne Stewart, Lanny Wadkins and Ray Floyd,  plus Rogers and his celeb friends.

Oh but we do not stop with the golf. The estate sports  a 6000 square foot golf clubhouse, a 9,000-square-foot state-of-the-art  equestrian and multi-use center , two barns, two swimming pools, clay tennis courts, a spa, conference center, various outdoor entertaining venues and three fish-stocked lakes. There is even a 1022 square foot guest lake house in proximity of those three lakes. I mean, you might get tired after a day of fishing and not be able to walk up those singing hills. If you think this sounds a bit commercial, well, the last owner did run it as a retreat, which is another huge possibility for this property.  Adams turned Beaver Dam it into an inclusive
resort with spa services and event rentals, running it kind of like a dude ranch: Adams also owns  The Motherwell, a dude ranch
in Colorado.








Some of us are getting a bit weary of paying more and more in taxes to wake up and learn how the money is being squandered. The case of Anthony Weiner comes to light. This over-testosterone-d idiot, who finally resigned, brings to light two things. One, why do members of Congress get membership in a gym paid for? Most Americans pay for their own gym and pool membership, and Congress can, too. Secondly, he has a second home (or access to one) in the Hamptons — median price $735,000? Third, he will leave Congress with an inflation-adjusted pension of $46,222 a year for life?

Well, that’s Washington, but over here in Dallas on Strait Lane we may have our own indignation, the dental empire of Dr. Richard Malouf built, according to WFAA-TV,  on our Texas Medicaid dollars.  Byron Harris uncovered news that the state of Texas has put out more than $400 million for pediatric braces since 2008. The money has helped with our real estate market, sort of: Dr. Malouf bought up a big mansion on Strait Lane, then the house next door (at a steal of a deal), and then Sunday Byron reported that another pediatric orthodontic millionaire has a 13,000 square foot home in Frisco with a shark painted on the bottom of his swimming pool. WFAA reports that State Senator Jane Nelson is so outraged by the Medicaid extravaganza she’s added two riders on the Health and Human Services Commission budget, both essentially calling for more oversight. And she sponsored a rider for stricter enforcement of regulations, asking the Inspector General of Health and Human Services to strengthen its ability to “detect, investigate, and prosecute abuse by dentists and orthodontists under Medicaid.” The riders were signed into law Friday by Gov. Rick Perry.

But the horse is already out of the barn. Investigations may end the gravy train, but Byron tells me that Dr. Malouf, who sold his dental clinics to a hedge fund, Valor Equity Partners, has just purchased two Gulfstream jets.